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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Getting started with CAD/CAM day 2

Last November the Clounagh Centre hosted a one day course in the use of CAD/CAM in the curriculum. For those who were able to attend on that day we can now confirm the dates for the follow up - day 2. The dates are the 13th, 14th and 15th May based in the Clounagh Centre. The training will continue to focus on CAD/CAM in the curriculum as well as designing using Techsoft 2D design, circuit manufacture using PCB Design and Make and other tips and tricks. A confirmation letter confirming your place and date will be sent out soon.


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Technology websites

In the past we have been sending out a number of links on our newsletters relating to useful websites. We have collated these and put them in one place where they can be easily accessed. Simply log onto where you will find links to a host of useful websites which are updated regularly.

Martin Daly.

We have recently been posting up some resources on the www. You can view these at (you may need to register if logging on for the first time). These include existing and new resources relating to Technology and Design.
Martin Daly

Getting started with CAD/CAM

The Clounagh Centre recently ran a number of one day courses in getting started with CAD/CAM. These days were well attended by a number of schools and we have since received very positive feedback about the machines and their effective in the classroom. All schools were invited to take part in this course at which a single user copy of Techsoft 2D design was given out to those schools who did not have an existing licence. If you were unable to attend this course and would like a copy of Techsoft 2D design then contact the Clounagh Centre. The materials and information about this course can be viewed on (you may need to register if you are visiting this site for the first time).

Martin Daly

Bomardier modern apprentice workshops

Bombardier will soon be recruiting for the Modern Apprentice Programme which commences in September 2008. To make pupils aware of what is on offer bombardier have put together a workshop called Your Career in Aerospace. The workshops will take place on Monday 28 January, Monday 11 February & Thursday 13 March from 10:30am to 12:30pm in W5. Your Career in Aerospace has been funded by the Skills and Science initiative. Transport and admission are provided free of charge to post primary schools in Northern Ireland for pupils in year 10 and above. The minimum size for a group is 20 pupils.
The programme for each day is as follows
10:30am Welcome in lecture theatre at W5
10:40am W5 of Bombardier - Tony Monaghan Education Officer Bombardier
11:00am Apprentice Experience – Two current apprentices talk about their career path and what they have done to date with Bombardier
11:30am Ensuring aircraft are safe to fly - a Bombardier engineer describes what lightning is and how a modern aircraft can withstand a lightning strike
12:00pm W5 interactive flight show
12:30pm Finish – Return to school or stay on in W5 for afternoon
To book your session or get further information call Tony Monaghan on
90462339 or email
Places are limited so a prompt reply is advised to secure your place.