Kilkeel HS Technology Projects

Friday, 19 November 2010

Woodturning for schools.

As you may be already aware the Ulster Chapter of the Irish Woodturners Guild have been involved in demonstrating and promoting woodturning in a number of schools over the last year or so.  Due to the success of this programme we have decided, along with members of the IWG, to provide some training for teachers in the safe use and operation of the wood turning lathe.  This course will run from 4-6 pm for 6 weeks, beginning on Wed the 12th January.  Due to limitations in space and equipment we are offering this training initially to those schools who have previously been involved in the woodturning roadshow.  A letter detailing more about this will have been emailed to the appropriate schools. 

IET Farady - STEM in practice

'The award-winning IET Faraday is a free resource for teachers from The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The programme provides an adaptable set of practical activities, based on designing, testing and developing to allow your students to apply knowledge and understanding in a meaningful way' -Farady website
In providing a range of resources and activities (including multimedia), the Farady website is well worth a look.  Not only does it provide inspiration and support for STEM activities, but also gives a framework for teachers and students in developing knowledge, skills and understanding about the world of Science and Technology. Click here for a gateway to the website.

More than just street cred - extended projects.

If you have a number of pupils who are involved in extended projects or activities outside timetable hours then why not turn their efforts into real credits - UCAS points.  The WJEC extended project qualification enables year 13 students to complete a project of their own choice (subject to approval from WJEC).  The outcome is in the form of a grade A*-E,  providing up to 70 points (equivalent to an AS - Level).  Projects can be individual or a group effort, providing each person in the group submit a report based on their personal contribution to the project. For further information on the WJEC qualification click here.  Sentinus have also been providing support for technology/engineering projects pairing schools with clients in providing a real life approach to R&D.  Contact for more detail.