Kilkeel HS Technology Projects

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Self Evaluation - a process for improvement.

It has always been difficult to keep up with the ever changing nature of jargon surrounding education.  Another new buzzword or acronym regularly pops up, saturating an already exhaustive list.  The focus however should always remain the same - raising standards through high quality teaching and learning.  This can be a difficult thing to start thinking about, particularly if you are a one teacher department and don't have the advantage of the sharing and developing from another technology colleague.  It may also be something your department have talked about but have yet to engage in. At this time of year might be worth thinking about conducting some self evaluation.  Only through such a process will you arrive at a comprehensive and realistic action plan that should aspire to school improvement.  The Technology team at Clounagh have been developing some material to assist in this process, if you would like to find out more or discuss this please feel free to contact Averil or Martin at the Clounagh Centre.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Circular saw - refresher course

The Clounagh Centre are currently hosting a run of days in the safe use and operation of the circular saw/bandsaw.  This course applies only to those schools with a table saw (such as a wadkin type).  If for some reason you think you require training and not have not yet received a training invite, please contact Patricia Curran at the Clounagh centre.

STEM Module

The STEM module is a fully equipped mobile lab and workshop that is available to book for your school.  For more information log onto where they also have some good resources for project activities.

Teacher Network - Free Resources

The Teacher Network is part of Guardian Professional Network.  This community of sites has incorporated a range of providers who have contributed to a range of very useful, informative and interactive resources. You are encouraged to view download and contribute to the resource.  The Technology resources here are well worth exploring and registration is free.