Kilkeel HS Technology Projects

Friday, 30 September 2011

Technology and Design Checklist

We have recently added a new resource to  This checklist outlines the key documents and elements that should be in place in order to provide the necessary conditions for a safe, high quality and effective teaching and learning experience for all pupils and staff. It can be used to cross reference from, as well as to reflect and evaluate a Technology and Design department.  Any gaps in provision can then be actioned.  Click here to access the document.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Generation Innovation Launched to Stem and Reverse NI Brain Drain

Generation Innovation Launched to Stem and Reverse NI Brain Drain

Call for Nominations of Students Most Likely to Succeed in the New Economy

A new initiative, designed specifically to help stem and eventually reverse the brain drain from Northern Ireland has been launched today by the Northern Ireland Science Park and other representatives from the local business community. Generation Innovation is a new initiative designed to build a physical and online network of Northern Ireland’s best young people, before, during and after their third level studies or initial career choice.

ALISON - online learning

ALISON is a for-profit social enterprise based in Galway, Ireland. They are a resourceful and determined multinational team of socially-aware technologists, educationalists, and marketers, who understand that today we have the opportunity to make access to universal education free via the web.

It's free to register and courses vary from health and safety right through to management and leadership. From a technology point of view there are some very interesting and useful courses including manufacturing and design, graphic design and computer aided design. Certification is free with most courses, they are easy to use and can be done at your own pace. Just google Alison and read from there.

3D printing

Over the last 18 months we have been piloting the use of the 3D printer.  We have been very impressed with the interest and uptake in the use of accessing the 3D printer either on a loan basis or e-mailing parts via Clounagh.  Having seen the potential and with further projected success of this facility, we have now established a cost for rapid prototyping.  For further information click here.  Please note costs are for material only and not the actual use of the machine
There have been some issues with the 'sheet format' option in Solidworks, and having access to this feature. To overcome this problem we have added a help sheet and the necessary files to clounagh .org. Click here to view the link to these files and helpsheet.